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Luxembourg’s government and administrations

The Government:
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
Chamber of Deputies:
The State Council:
Luxembourg’s statistical institute:
Directory of public internet sites :

Business and Commerce

Luxembourg’s Chamber of Commerce:
Luxembourg’s banks and bankers association-ABBL:
Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry:
Luxembourg union of entreprises - UEL:
Luxembourg wines and sparkling wines:

Luxembourg’s daily press

Luxemburger Wort:
La Voix du Luxembourg:
Le Journal :
Zeitung vum Lëtzebuerger Vollek :

Tourism and culture

Visit Luxembourg:
Congress facilities:
Official site of the City of Luxembourg:
Luxembourg’s air company-Luxair:
European institute for cultural itineraries:
The “Mullervalley”:
Luxembourg’s theatres:

General Informations and Portals (general portal) (telehone numbers) (telephone directory, incl. professional) (website directory) (web links)

Government & Parliament (government portal) (parliament) (government information office) (legal database/laws and regulations) (foreign ministry) (ministry of economic affairs) (ministry of culture) (ministry of justice) (ministry of education) (ministry of finance) (home affairs ministry) (employment ministry) (unemployment office) (women's rights ministry) (civil service portal) (health ministry) (social security) (police) (army) (post office) (e-government initiatives) (2004 elections) (greater region body)

Media, Press and Newspapers (national press council) (government information office) (biggest daily, conservative) (liberal daily) (left of centre daily) (weekly, tri-lingual) (weekly, French) (weekly, German) (weekly, German) (weekly, green/left) (weekly, satirical) (business magazine) (economic and financial news-AGEFI) (lifestyle magazine) (biggest radio station) (second biggest radio station) (music radio) (government radio) (alternative radio)

Economy (economic portrait of Luxembourg) (official statistics on Luxembourg and EU countries) (ministry of economic affairs) (board of economic development: promotion of FDI) (chamber of commerce: all companies are members) (industrialists' federation: big business) (chamber of small and medium trades) (biggest exhibition hall: regular trade fairs) (business search engine) (high tech incubator) (research and high tech general portal) (audiovisual production) (government schemes for film industry) (audiovisual industry and government support) (job offers) (public funding of new products) (lux-indian chamber of commerce, Mumbai) (US chamber of commerce in Luxembourg) (UK chamber of commerce in Luxembourg) (English speaking business people) (Luxembourg taxation online) (economic and social council: official advisory body in Luxembourg)

Political Parties (cristian social party) (socialist party) (liberals) (environmentalists) (left)

Trade Unions (private sector, catholic) (private sector, left) (civil service trade union) (private sector) (teachers)


Culture (general arts portal) (agenda/events) (events Luxembourg City) (national library) (national philharmonic orchestra) (national archives) (national centre for literature plus online library) (writer's association) (promotion of Luxembourgish language) (national contemporary and modern art museum) (national museum (history, archeology, arts)) (national life sciences museum) (museum of Luxembourg City's former fortress) (national audiovisual centre, audiovisual memory, film collection) (City of Luxembourg history and folk museum) (joint site of Luxembourg City museums) (theatres) (alternative arts centre, Esch sur Alzette) (contemporary art hall, Luxembourg City) (contemporary art gallery, Dudelange) (contemporary photography) (contemporary photography) (Luxembourg City music school) (local music bands, traditional) (major events) (pop concerts) (cinema + film programs) (biggest cinema hall) (Luxembourg as European cultural capital, 2007) (fashion/modeling)

International Schools / University of Luxembourg (university, public) (English private school) (information on education) (international high school, private)

Policy studies

Research (technology portal)

Tourism & Nightlife (agenda) (city magazine) (what's on) (tourism ministry) (national tourist office) (Luxembourg City tourist office) (national airline) (railways) (bus services) (automobile club: help, car repair and travel itineraries) (weather) (maps and directions) (food guide) (hotels) (youth hostels) (camping) (UK website for Luxembourg tourism)

Hospitals (hospitals on duty) (biggest hospital) (national laboratory) (fighting AIDS) (AIDS research)

Red Cross

Development Activities

EU Institutions in Luxembourg (general EU portal) (secretariat of EU parliament) (council of ministers of the EU) (EU court of justice) (EU court of auditors) (European investment bank) (EU statistics) (EU publications) (translation centre) (database on EU regulations)

Mobile Telephony